Small Dog Bow Tie

Small Dog Bow Ties


Do you love to dress up your furry friends for special occasions or just around town? These bowties with elastic neckbands will make it easy! They look especially cute in polka dots, I love the big dots. I have sold these for weddings, and other special events. If you need special colors or combinations, please ask me, I might be able to get it for you! I can make multiple layers for matching to a wedding's colors, or make other accommodations. They measure approximately 1.5"x3" and are made from grosgrain ribbon, not silk like a traditional bowtie. These can be pulled on, drooled on, spilled on, etc. Just wash it by hand and air dry. They are appropriate for littler dogs, if you need larger, please see our Big Dog bowties. **Please note, when matching between the small and large sizes, there can be some dye lot issues. Quite often the match is perfect, but not always**

**New options!**

You now have the option of one or two layers in your tie. Two layers looks more like a traditional tuxedo bowtie, while one layer has a little less bulk.

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Price $4.75