Large Folded Flowers

Folded Flowers

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These are some very pretty folded flower clips. You can choose your 2 colors for the daisy, I will pick a coordinating green for the leaves if you select to have them (though if you have a specific preference, please let me know!) I put a little decorative button in the center of each daisy. They measure approximately 3" across and are available on lined alligator clips, lined french clips, or infant headbands.
Please select color one as the outside color, and color 2 as the in between color, and Color 3 as the center color. Please note, the two colors you will see the most are going to be colors one and three. Color two looks best if it stands out from the other two, since you only see a little of it. If you only want one color, just leave colors 2 and 3 as "none selected"
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Price $5.99