Big Boy Bow Tie

Big Boy Bow Ties

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I love these little bowties. They clip on from the side, so that they can be worn with any button or snap down top. They can also be adjusted to a comfortable height for your little stud, so that it doesn't rub his neck or chin. I have sold these for weddings, and other special events. If you need special colors or combinations, please ask me! I can make multiple layers for matching to a wedding's colors, or make other accommodations. They measure approximately 2"x4"" and are made from grosgrain ribbon, not silk like a traditional bowtie. These can be pulled on, spilled on, etc. Just wash it by hand and air dry. They are appropriate for little boys from size 4 to 10. If you need smaller, please see our Baby/ Toddler bowties.

These are currently only available in limited colors. We're working to offer more options, but this size is a little harder to track down the materials for. Unfortunately they are only available in solids and limited dots at this time. If you need a color that is not listed as available for order, you can contact us to special order it as long as materials are available at that time. Please allow 2-3 weeks for this kind of order.

**New options!**

You now have the option on the clip on tie, or an elastic neckstrap. Elastic will be white to hide under most shirts without being visible. If you are unsure whether you'd like elastic or a clip on, I'd recommend starting with the elastic neckband, it seems to be more popular, and I tend to use elastic the most for my own boys.

**Please note, when matching between the Baby and Big Boy sizes, there can be some dye lot issues. Quite often the match is perfect, but not always**
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